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Strength vs. Flexibility

The key to success in health and fitness is achieving a good balance of strength vs. flexibility. Many times one overpowers the other and injuries occur. A strong person is more able to force themselves into a posture, or to "power through" a workout. The opposite happens often for a flexible individual, where there is more temptation [...]

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Sleep loss leads to significant weight gain

A newly released study shows a link between sleep depravation and weight gain stating: Insufficient sleep affects appetite and satiety hormones as well as fat cells, according to the nation's top sleep experts. We all know that sleep is vital to our well being but this new link show that inadequate sleep actually works against [...]

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Find Local Personal Fitness Trainers Near Me

Finding a local personal fitness trainer can have many benefits compared to simply attending a gym. A personal fitness trainer tailors workouts for specifically for you targeting the results you want in the most effective way.  Their knowledge, training and experience allow them to create workouts that are effective while at the same keeping you [...]

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