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Dana began her yoga practice on a retreat in the rain forests of Costa Rica led by teachers Marco Rojas and Matt Giordano. With almost 500 hours, she earned the first of her many certifications from Pure Yoga in New York City, with Kay Kay Clivio and Yogi Charu. Following this, she became interested in the mythology of yoga, and the art of adjustments and received her certification in the Kaivalya Yoga Method with Alanna Kaivalya. Dana completed her Advanced Mentorship with Taylor Dunham, also at Pure Yoga. Dana is currently the official yoga instructor to the NBA’s Golden State Warriors and teaches in both Los Angeles, and the Bay Area. Dana holds a BFA in Musical Theatre from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Educational Theatre (K-12) and English Education (7-12) from New York University. With the combination of Dana’s professional experience as an actress, musician, dancer, and former high school teacher, her teaching style is a unique mixture of breath, alignment, attention to intelligent sequencing, and of course music. Dana has the utmost respect and gratitude for every teacher and student who has made an impact on her practice and philosophy – The challenges we face in our asanas parallel the obstacles we face in our daily lives; breathe through them on the mat, and we can overcome them off the mat.
Feel the now.

Yoga- A statistical cost analysis of Industry

In December of 2012, it was estimated via a "new study, conducted by Sports Marketing Surveys USA at the behest of Yoga Journal, found that a whopping 20.4 million people practice Yoga in the United States. That’s 8.7 of total adults in the States" (Matt Caron).  The article also went on to say that, "Yoga is [...]

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Tune in to Yoga Tune Up®

Tune in to Yoga Tune Up® In today's society we rely on cars to get around, cell phones and computers to communicate, and spend most of our work day sitting at desks.  These scenarios, on top of seasonal changes cause enormous amounts of physical and emotional stress in our body resulting in muscle tension: When [...]

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It’s not that easy being “green”. So let’s not be.

It's not that easy being "green". So let's not be. I found this meme last week on my amazing colleague's Alexa Silvaggio's Facebook newsfeed and became inspired.   Now, let's all place our hands at heart center and have a moment of introspection. We all know our own little green-eyed monster has reared its ugly head [...]

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Staying Present in the Practice

  Yoga Sutra 1.14 Practice becomes firmly grounded when well attended to for a long time, without break and in all earnestness. This sutra is in my top five for many reasons and it has been on my mind lately as I have been teaching yoga both in studios and to pro-athletes.  I often notice [...]

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Reciprocity at its Best

Reciprocity - What we as teachers get from our students and what our students can get from us. When I applied to New York University back in 2006 for their Masters program in Education, I thought long and hard about what to write to convince them that I was a an excellent candidate for their [...]

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