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Fitness Apparel & Accessories

The fitness industry is huge and is growing rapidly throughout the world today. With this great rise has come a greater demand for fitness apparel and accessories. There is a consistent flow of new brands arising in the market and there has been constant growth of products being made available for those who are embarking on their fitness endeavors. The larger the fitness industry becomes, the larger this demand will be creating a major place for fitness apparel and accessories throughout the world.

Fitness Apparel & Accessories: Where to Shop

The are countless designers and manufacturers creating fitness apparel and accessories today and that number is growing rapidly. Large stores here in the U.S. such as Target, , Gap, Old Navy, Macy’s and Nordstrom’s, to name just a few, carry a good selection of apparel. There are also many stores that have emerged just to clothe fitness enthusiasts. Stores such as: Nike, Adidas, Lulu Lemon,  Under Armour and Lucy are all geared to adhere to the needs of those wanting to “get in shape.” In addition, there are a variety of online places to purchase both new and used clothing appropriate for exercise. Some of these popular online stores include: Zappos, Amazon, Teeki, and Onzie. In fact, a study conducted by Global Information with the help of Global Industries Analysts, projected that the sports and fitness clothing market will top $180 billion dollars a year by 2018. With numbers like this it is easy to comprehend just how major a role fitness apparel and their accessories has become.

Fitness Apparel & Accessories: What to Look For

When shopping for fitness apparel and accessories, it is important to bear in mind what particular activity you will be participating so you’re dressed for success. If you’re going to hot Yoga per say, it would not be fitting to show up in heavy tight jeans, nor short shorts that might leave you open to view in some of the more “liberating” postures. At the same time, if you are going for a run on a cold day at a health club with an outdoor track, some warmer clothing might be just what you need. In addition to adhering to the activity you are participating in, it is also valuable to keep in mind what accessories you may need to bring with you. If it’s a Yoga, you might want to bring your own mat, maybe a towel and some water. For weight lifting, you might like to bring gloves and a towel. If it’s swimming you prefer, possibly bringing goggles. It is always a great idea to call ahead to ask the health club, training facility or studio what you may want and/or need to bring to have the best experience. Some of these fitness facilities come equipped with everything you’ll need, but that is not always the case. FitNetX is designed to help prepare you to have a great experience in the fitness industry. At FitNetX we strive to make your fitness journey as easy as possible. Always feel free to call ahead to the facility you are attending to make sure you always get what you want and need from your workout.

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