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Indoor Cycling Classes

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Indoor Cycling Classes

There are a variety of Indoor Cycling Classes throughout the world now being offered. These classes have a variety of names and levels. Many have heard of these classes referred to as “Spin” or “Spinning,” but these classes are just referring to the type of class and equipment emerging from a Los Angeles based company, Mad Dogg Athletics and whom are licensed to utilize these names. Regardless, the name of the class or brand of equipment being used, these classes can offer great benefits to those who chose this form of exercise if done properly. Once you start your search to find the right type of class, you will begin to notice just how many are being offered. With this large selection, depending on what area of the country you reside, it will be beneficial to know what to look for when selecting the class that will best fit your wants and needs. FitNetX can help you find the best class in order to get you the maximum results for your fitness level.

Indoor Cycling: What Is An Indoor Cycling Classes

Indoor cycling classes are conducted in a room comprised of stationary bicycles. Each bike should have the ability to “clip” shoes on, similar to that of a road bike. In addition, these bikes should also have the capability to allow the user to use their own shoes (regular type sneakers) to be placed in “cages” and tightened so the student can safely ride throughout the class. If you are bringing shoes made for indoor cycling, it is best to ask the gym or the instructor what type of shoes their bikes allow for as there are two different kinds, SPD (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) and Look Cleats. Some indoor bicycles are compatible for all types, but be sure to check first to see what you facility offers. Once you’ve sorted out your foot ware, it’s time to make your seating adjustments. In indoor cycling class, you will find adjustment knobs on each bike to be able to set you own settings to suit your bodies requirements. Usually you will find an adjustment knob for the seat height, handle bar height and, lastly, the distance from the handle bars to the seat. If you are you are a beginner, it’s best to ask the instructor how to adjust your settings before class begins to get to maximum benefit for your effort in class and avoid injury.

Indoor Cycling Classes: How FitNetX Can Help You Find The Best Class

At FitNetX the goal is to help each user find what they are looking for in the fitness industry to achieve maximum results for their efforts. When searching for the indoor cycling class that best suits you, it’s always advisable to read reviews and find something close. If there’s even a possibility you might make this part of your workout regimen, you will want to have the easiest access to class! As¬†¬†Jennifer Sage from the Indoor Cycling Association explains, “it strengthens your heart, flattens your abs, and burns off tons of calories.” FitNetX will provide you with the information you need to make your selection an informed one so you can get the most out for your workout and hopefully, the best “bang for your buck!”

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