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Reebok 101: Fitness, Fire and Education

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In 1890, shoemaker, J.W. Foster created Reebok, spiked shoes that helped athletes run faster than ever, 124 years later, Reebok is still helping people use fitness to transform their lives.

Fitness is not an act, it’s a lifestyle. Reebok’s understanding of that, attributes to its fame. February 2013, Reebok launched its Live with Fire campaign, to motivate its consumer’s to live their lives with passion, intent and purpose. One year later, Reebok revealed its new logo, the delta. The Reebok delta which was launched in February, 2014 illustrates the physical, mental and social changes that occurs in people when they push themselves beyond their limits. With two great campaigns and influential fitness professionals, Reebok motivates it’s consumers to make fitness fun.

Reebok also created the platform of Reebok One, to create a community of fitness professionals motivated to strengthen their fitness craft. Reebok’s brand ambassadors live with fire every day, by motivating the masses to unleash their ultimate potential.

David Jack Photo Courtesy of David Jack

David Jack Industry Leader & Consultant to Reebok. Photo Courtesy of David Jack. 

David Jack, 42, of Phoenix, Arizona is co-founder of activprayer and actv8, industry leader and consultant to Reebok, Men’s Health and Women’s Health.

“You know what it was probably a football. Then I got I believe a pair of pumps, that would have been going way back, like in the eighties,” said Jack on the first Reebok product he ever purchased.

Currently Jack enjoys a variety of Reebok products including the ZQuick, CrossFit Nanos and board shorts.

“I love a version of the ZQuick, the sneakers that they make, I am really enjoying those shoes. I like the CrossFit Nanos, and it’s funny now people are starting to create different camps. They like the 2.0s, they like the 3.0s, they like the 4.0s, I am a fan of all of them. I still love the 2.0s, such a great solid shoe. I particularly like some of the shorts they are creating. What they have done now is that they have the board shorts, but they have created these gussets in the inseams and inner thigh along the backside. So when you squat or when you move, they stay in place but the shorts give your body room to move,” said Jack

“I think they are just doing a great job, and I am really enjoying the new gear that they are creating and the way they are making it. It’s very functional and comfortable for me especially with some of the shorts that they have, I can train in them and I can swim in the pool with them and I come out there dry very quickly and I am right back at it so there versatile,” said Jack.

Jack was involved in the Reebok before the Reebok One platform was created. Jack had an opportunity to be a part of creation and creativity that went behind the Reebok One mission as a brand consultant and ambassador. Jack was with those early conversations with executives of Reebok who really wanted to make a presence in fitness again. Jack says not only do you provide great products that serve people in fitness, you also have to think about “how do you create a platform were you can serve, educate, collaborate, encourage and help rise fitness professionals.”

When Reebok One came into place, Jack was part of the development and tapped into being an ambassador when it first started.

“They’re just starting to catch their stride at Reebok One, and I’m excited for the future with them and what they are trying to accomplish and using the platform of fitness professionals to improve the standard of care for fitness enthusiasts,” said Jack.

How does Jack #LIVEWITHFIRE? He says by connecting with people with similar missions in life who have been given the opportunity to make the world better than how they found it.

“When I am able to watch others achieve the potential that God has given them, and be able to walk in that journey together that really fires me up. That really lights me up inside. At the same time, me being a part of the things I just like, find meaning and purpose in. One of the things for me is just being involved in PLAY and CREATING. When I am in those situations, I am just a kid, I am just in such a good, free, and energized place. It’s when I am acting inspired for intentions greater than myself. That’s when I feel like I am LIVING WITH FIRE!” said Jack.

Jack explained that what differentiates Reebok from other fitness brands is they have a heritage in their DNA. Reebok also has been groundbreaking in fitness even back in eighties and nineties. Reebok identified tried and true trendsetters Gregg Cook and Mike Boyle early on. They even implemented Reebok University, the trainer network before the turn of the century. Jack says Reebok was really ahead of the game by creating portals for continuing education and sharing knowledge.

“There’s not a lot of other brands investing in the education and fitness professionals. They are really helping to grow the standard of care and really improve the state of the fitness professional, the craft of fitness and how it’s delivered. We want to not only earn, but we want to honor people’s triumphs with our product. It’s plug and play, because we are thinking though those fitness experiences, looking at our gear, what you need and why you need it. So Reebok is looking at the function of fitness and trying to create products and services, not only apparel but equipment that meets the need,” said Jack.

Jack’s pitch to trainers considering being Reebok One ambassadors?

“We were built to be in teams, we were created to be together, to do things. Great things happen when we work together, to accomplish a mission that we all believe in, that’s the purpose of the Reebok One platform. That’s why we need your voice, support, and encouragement to pass the baton to who’s next. It’s leaving this industry better than how we found it. Its fun, when you start sharing, collaborating, and genuinely want something better. It’s an awesome thing to be a part of,” said Jack.

Jeremy Scott Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott Reebok One Ambassador. Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Scott  


Jeremy Scott, 31, of Scottsdale, Arizona, is author of Make Success Mandatory: Discovering your Gift and Giving It Back to the World, coach, and speaker: Creator of Jeremy Scott Fitness, FitFluential and Reebok One ambassador.

“I remember having the original Reebok pumps, so probably like in 5th grade, so think like the old school. If you remember Dee Brown and the dunk contest, I use to have a pair of those shoes back in the day,” said Scott on the first Reebok product he ever purchased.

Scott’s current favorite Reebok product is cross fit Nanos 2.0 U-Forms.

“My favorite, got to be the training shoes, the Nanos, like the U-Forms.  I would say that’s even if I didn’t even work for Reebok, those shoes are the best training shoes hands down! I don’t care if you lift weights, workout, if you do multi sports events, man these things are honestly amazing, and I love them. I probably have like ten pairs at least. I probably have three pairs, at least. I probably have three pairs of the same color, I like them so much. Anytime Reebok sends me a message, I am like dude, send me as many as you can, “said Scott.

Scott also is a Reebok One ambassador. Although he can’t remember the official date, on becoming an ambassador, he does state he has been working with Reebok for a while.

“I was on the campaign for a long time, a couple years back. I went out there, hung out with everybody. I think it was the first time I ever did cross fit, was at Reebok One.  All those guys are pretty badass. Honestly, the best part is the really cool people that I had a chance to meet. Like the David Jacks of the world, the people that are super cool. The people that actually inspired me to try to do more and be more. Helping people realize that you can live an awesome life and when you’re talking the fitness realm, were all athletes, were all meant to feel better, and do awesome things. I just think one of my goals is to help people kind of realize that they can be awesome whatever it’s in fitness or in life in general,”  said Scott.

Scott describes Reebok as progressive, inspired and driven.

“Not only does Reebok look awesome, and it’s pretty progressive, it’s functionally the best stuff. They have a real awesome pulse on what people need.  When you’re performing, what’s comfortable, looks good, stand out and what would you wear.  If you are a consumer, or a business, whatever I think it’s important to show and appeal to people, “said Scott.

How does Scott LIVE WITH FIRE?

“Honestly, I just try to wake up every day and try to appreciate how awesome it is. I just try to wake up and realize that I have a really awesome gift and no matter how tired I am, there are people that depend on me, who need that and who needs to see it,” said Scott on how he LIVES WITH FIRE.

Dave Dreas Photo Courtesy of Dave Dreas

Dave Dreas Reebok One Ambassador. Photo Courtesy of Dave Dreas.

Dave Dreas, 28, of Scottsdale, Arizona, is a cover model, fitness coach, Reebok One ambassador and creator of Modestly Refined.

“The first one I ever purchased was the Allen Iverson. Allen Iverson use to play basketball for the Philadelphia Sixers and he had the Allen Iverson basketball shoes. I don’t exactly remember what year it was, but I would buy all of his. Each year he came out with a new shoe, almost like what Michael Jordan did for a while. I remember buying the Allen Iverson, the very first edition, because he was one of my favorite players back in the day, “said Dreas.

Dreas current favorite Reebok product is the Reebok Nano Ones.

“Right now, my favorite Reebok product are the Reebok Nano Ones. What they do is that they have a low heel to toe drop, so they are almost like a flat shoe. They are more for sport and they are more athletic. They are great for doing leg days, deadlifts, running, ropes and all that kind of stuff,“said Dreas.

Dreas became a Reebok One ambassador in June of 2013.  

“It’s pretty exciting. They are a great company, treat the ambassadors extremely well, such good people working at the Reebok headquarters. I align a lot with the brand, so it’s a good fit,” said Dreas.

Dreas describes Reebok as evolving.

“Evolving, they are evolving in aspects of they are getting into more yoga, Spartan Races, and they have a great charity for kids also there fitness line with cross fit and workout shoes. They did some soul searching at Reebok, figuring out for a while what was wrong with the brand and now they’re going in the right direction and evolving. They are kind of finding their niche and doing it well,” said Dreas.

What Dreas loves most about Reebok as a consumer is there diversity of shoe choices.

“They have a lot of cool different shoes, cool colors, and a few different models of a few different types of shoes. You can find something for the runner, cross fitter, weightlifter, the casual, an array of shoes, “said Dreas on what he loves about Reebok as a consumer.

“I just love being a part of a company and what they stand for, the integrity, and the overall evolving of the company,” said Dreas on what he loves about Reebok as a brand ambassador.

“You know what, I get up every morning and I am ready to rock and roll. It’s the best way I can say it. I get up at 3:45, four days a week and I am ready to rock. If I am down in the dumps, my clients would be down in the dumps. I got to come with the energy and the motivation that’s how I do it. I know good things happen for the people that work hard, get up early, and put in their time and I am excited about that,” said Dreas on how he LIVES WITH FIRE!


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