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Step Aerobics

Step Aerobic classes have been around for some time now. “Step aerobics was innovated by Gin Miller around 1989. After a knee injury, Gin consulted with an orthopedic doctor, who recommended she strengthen the muscles supporting the knee by stepping up and down on a milk crate and from this she developed the step regimen.” Source. It was from this beginning that Step Aerobics was created. The milk carton grew into a step platform which could be adjusted to different heights to suit the fitness level and needs of the person exercising on this equipment. This idea spread and with it, the equipment began to pop up in fitness facilities throughout the country and now world. Now Step Aerobics has grown to be a well known type of workout that is offered at a great number of gyms.

Step Aerobics: How It Can Work For You

Through the utilization of the Step Aerobics platform, or “step,” the practitioner can achieve strength and toning. In addition, the student has the ability to adjust the height of the platform to modify the workout to fit their particular needs. For example, someone who has an injury, or is possibly new to this type of activity, may want to maintain the lowest level of work by keeping the platform on the floor (without the use of elevation platforms to increase height). In addition, someone who has been a consistent practitioner may feel stronger and want to use the elevation platforms to increase the height, thus increasing their work input. The higher the height, the stronger the workout can become. Also, as with any exercise, be sure that the instructor you are learning from is a trained professional. Some classes may move much quicker than others and it’s important to find a class that works at a pace where you can safely learn technique before increasing the speed!

Step Aerobics: How To Find The Best Class and How FitNetX Can Help

When researching a Step Aerobics class that is best for you, always check to see if it’s appropriate for a novice if it’s going to be your first step experience! You don’t want to get stuck in a class filled with students who have been coming for years, know the routine and are well versed in “step” terminology! There are terms that have become common knowledge for those who frequent these classes, and moves that those who are familiar with this workout can quickly implement. This has potential to overwhelm a novice and possibly even lead to injury. Always feel free to call the facility you plan to visit to see if they have what you’re looking for! At FitNetX we want to help you find the best class for your needs. Our goal is to help you have a great experience in the fitness industry by providing you the tools you need to get you on the right track to reaching your fitness goals. Feel free to browse our database to gather any information you need to make the best informed decision and enjoy your future in fitness!

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