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The Fitness Industry

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The Fitness Industry

The fitness industry is so large and has evolved so much that it has grown to be part of the fabric of many of our lives. There are countless health clubs, gyms, studios and other training facilities throughout the world. There are a plethora of DVD’s, audio tapes, books, websites and apps available to those looking to expand their knowledge of the fitness industry and exercises within. Clothing brands have been created with the sole purpose of providing appropriate attire for exercise and others for certain fitness accessories. There are even conferences held throughout the world to bring together and exchange the creative thoughts arising from those in the fitness industry. All of these exist at an attempt to better ourselves. To become healthier, stronger and better versions of what we are today. Here at FitNetX we want you to have access to the best information possible in order to make informed decisions about your journey in the fitness world. Know where to go, whom to contact, and where the best deals are to suit your needs. This is the Fitness Network Xchange’s goal. To bring together ideas, information and overall communication in an effort to begin, maintain and help you grow into your best version of you.

The Fitness Industry: Statistics

The Fitness Industry is booming right now. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states: “jobs within this industry is expected to increase by more than 23% over the next 10 years,” and this is in the US alone. There are many factors contributing to this growth. Baby boomers looking to shed gained pounds, our countries major problem with obesity and the need to eliminate excess weight, companies and corporations offering incentives to employees and health clubs looking to accommodate the demands of the public and gain memberships. All in all, the fitness industry is an exciting industry to be part of right now. Here at FitNetX we are excited to bring everyone together to find the path that will get you to reach and maybe even surpass your health and fitness goals.

The Fitness Industry: Trends

There are always fluctuating trends in the fitness industry. Just as trends go in the fashion industry, so do they in fitness. The primary difference being that new and improved methods of working out and training are always being evaluated and sought after. If not done properly, or possibly repetitive movements overtime start to result in injury, a exercise trend may fail to pass the test of time. They may be modified or completely disregarded. However, there are those trends that have withstood this test and have evolved over time to play such a major role in our fitness industry today. One major example of this being Yoga. It has been around for over 5 thousand years and has grown to be such a huge and growing force in our fitness industry today. Trends will come and go, but it is part of our human nature to constantly strive to be our best. Studies in health and fitness have taught us so much about ourselves and how to maximize our time on this planet. By studying ourselves, what helps us to grow and flourish and avoid what is harmful and toxic, we arrive at a better place and have a better quality of life. The goal at FitNetX is just that, to help place you where you belong in the world of fitness and to enable you to be your best and have the best experience possible.

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