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TRX Training

TRX Training refers to a type of workout that incorporates a method of resistance training. This is when the user utilizes their own body weight for the exercise being performed. The aim of this particular type of workout is to build strength which, in turn, will help to tone and shape the body, and help with burning calories and reducing fat. When participating in a TRX workout, the user will be taught by a trained professional how to work with ropes against his or her body weight in an effort to achieve the desired results.

TRX Training: The History

The TRX training workout was first conceptualized by a Navy SEAL squadron commander named Randy Hetrick when preparing for a trip in 1997. He devised a method of utilizing a type of resistance training he created by spooling together nylon webbing he had available for parachutes. In doing this, Hetrick found that he could use his own weight on the system he created to build strength and get his desired effect. His squadron would watch him using his creation and began to call it “the gizmo.” “In 2001, after 14 years as a SEAL, Hetrick left the Navy to earn an MBA at Stanford University, where he frequented the school’s gym to work with conditioning coaches to turn his invention into a working prototype. By 2004, with $350,000 from private investors he had met through connections in the military and at Stanford, Hetrick launched Fitness Anywhere in San Francisco to sell a line of lightweight suspension gear called TRX.” Source.

TRX Training: How It Can Work For You

The TRX training system can work for you by incorporating your own body weight to gain muscle, tone and overall workout that you desire. By implementing a commitment to exercise with the TRX system and through learning techniques from trained professional in this exercise, you can get your body where you want it to be.

An article from www.bloomberg.com Bloomberg further explains, “The system, made by contract manufacturers in the U.S. and Asia, comprises three adjustable nylon straps attached to a metal ring. By leaning forward or suspending their legs in the air, users can perform several hundred exercises that range in difficulty, depending on the body weight leveraged.” Through comprehensive understanding, or simply by finding the right instruction from a professional well versed in TRX training, you can achieve the results you desire. At FitNetX our goal is to help you find the program that best fits what you want and need. We strive to help you find the workout that will get you where you want to be as soon and safely as possible! We want you to succeed and enjoy the process of getting there!

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